Welcome to the download page. This page is strictly for non-commercial releases such as demos, bootlegs, and live shows. You will not find Lunchboxes & Choklit Cows here, because it has been officially released and you can regularly find used copies on eBay or Amazon.

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Update 2013: The old Megaupload links have been broken for some time now. I have now re-uploaded them to the new Mega.co.nz and updated the links.

Spooky Kids folder at Mega.co.nz - one link to download all the other files! Or download each seperately... Funnel Zone (full version, including all the other bands!)
00 Soundtrack Demos aka Suicide Is Beautiful (confirmed fakes, but judge for yourself) Portrait Release Party
01 Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat  
02 Raw Boned Psalms (no songs, just info)  
03 Big Black Bus  
04 Grist-o-line  
05 Lunchbox  
06 After School Special  
07 The Family Jams  
08 Live As Hell (the Radio Demo)  
09 Refrigerator  
10 Portrait Rehearsals  
11 Satan On Fire