Until I get around to writing my own Spooky Kids-only FAQ, I'm just going to link you to Coyote's Manson FAQ.

The SpookyKids.net FAQ
(version 0.1, June 28, 2005)


1. Who are (were) the Spooky Kids?
1A. Marilyn Manson
1B. Daisy Berkowitz
1C. Olivia Newton-Bundy
1D. Zsa Zsa Speck
1E. Madonna Wayne Gacy
1F. Gidget Gein
1G. Sara Lee Lucas
1H. Twiggy Ramirez

2. What's the difference between Marilyn Manson (the band) and MM & The Spooky Kids?

3. Who are these other friends and associates of the band?
3A. Missie Romero
3B. Frank "Rat Bastard" Fallestra
3C. Scott David
3D. Nancy Marzuli
3E. Heather
3F. Jessicka
3G. John Tovar
3H. Robert "Spooky Kid" Pierce
3I. Richard "Father Gothic" Pierce

4. Who are these uber-fans from the past days of the Manson online community?
4A. Grim Jack
4B. Rudy
4C. Coyote
4D. Angelynx
4F. Mother Inferior
4G. Gagfish
4H. Spooky Nate

5. What were the official demo cassette releases?

6. What about these other songs?
6A. Unreleased tracks
6B. Fakes

6. What are these Spooky Kids CD's and DVD's I see at Best Buy, Amazon.com, and other retailers?

7. What was Satan On Fire?

8. Who or what was Mrs. Scabtree?

9. Where can I find all these Spooky Kids songs?


9. Q: Where can I find all of these Spooky Kids songs?

A: First of all, please do not e-mail us begging us to send you all the Spooky Kids songs. This stuff is not for sale. Besides, part of the fun of being a SK fan is tracking down all of this great music! We may eventually set up a download section and feature a few rare tracks occasionally, but we'll have to see how much bandwidth we have to spare.

The only official commerical release of Spooky Kids material is Lunchboxes and Choklit Cows, the first of two discs of tracks remastered by Scott. If you haven't already, you should buy an original copy of this to show Scott your support so that he releases more great remastered material. It recieved a pretty wide release, so you should be able to find it at your local music retailer, but you can not find it at amazon.com any more (probably as a result of the lawsuit). You can find it at their UK sister site, Amazon.co.uk. Also, at Amazon.de (the German version) they have a listing for a Thrift maxi single, supposedly to be released Dec 20, 2005.

Most of the Nightingale/Eastworld semi-bootleg CDs can be bought at amazon.com and also found in major retailers like Best Buy. I don't know how this exactly works, because these chains do not normally carry bootlegs. These must be at least semi-legitimate, but I don't think the band members actually see any money from the sales of these discs.

You can always find Spooky Kids stuff on E-bay, but "let the buyer beware!" There were only a few hundred original copies of each tape that were made and the large number of ones out there are fakes.

Your best bet for Spooky Kids stuff is the file sharing networks. Avoid spyware infested crap like Kazaa and Grokster- those are for newbies and you won't find any serious collectors on there. Soulseek is a highly recommended program, but crashes a lot. The Azureus Bittorrent client is probably the best way to download stuff right now, but you'll need to know which trackers to search on and may need an account. We occasionally seed shows at Dimeadozen and/or Demonoid. You can also find a lot of Manson related downloads on the Heirophant Forums at MansonUSA.