Last Updated Aug 3 2012

New update 2012: Hey, I compiled this over a decade ago, and thanks to YouTube finally releaxing their limit on video lengths, now I can post full shows. I'm currently in the process of uploading everything I have on dusty old VHS tapes to my YouTube channel. Check out the full shows, and if you have shows to share, please upload them as well! Now, back to the old shit.

Hell-o fellow Cyberslaves, this is my attempt to compile a discograpy of all known GWAR audio and video bootlegs and rarities. This list surely isn't all-inclusive, but I intend on adding anything that I hear of. If you know of any boots that aren't on this list, please e-mail me and let me know.

Does GWAR approve of bootlegs? GWAR is a group of 15 or so musician and artists, and when you get a group that big it's unlikely that everyone will agree on anything. Hunter Jackson (Techno Destructo), who does a lot of the editing and video production for the band has said that he's against bootlegging, but Chuck Varga (Sexecutioner) has been said to have told Rev. Ivan Stang (of the Church Of The Subgenious, who toured briefly with GWAR in 1995) that he wanted Stang to get the video of the Halloween '95 show out to as many people on the web as possible. What should this mean to you? Well, first of all, it's one thing to trade bootleg tapes of live perfomances with other fans, but if you're trading (or even worse- selling) copies of GWAR's officially released videos then you're literally taking food out of the mouths of our starving Scumdog overlords. The band members sacrifice personal monentary security to put everything they make back into the band to bring us a bigger and better show every year. They deserve our support by buying their CD's and officially released videos.

Also of note, many of the locations could possibly be wrong on some of the earlier shows. Pretending to be stupid, Oderus would often say things like "It's great to be back in New Jersey" when they were in fact playing in New York. Funny stuff, but it makes it difficult to correctly list some of the shows. Special thanks goes to Scumdog Bobby Conover from whom I swiped many of the entries off of his bootlist and

GWAR Video Boots:

Location:WUST Radio Hall, Washinton D.C. (a.k.a. Baltimore, Maryland)
Date: Early 1988
Time: 30m

  1. Time For Death
  2. Black & Huge
  3. War Toy
  4. World O' Filth
  5. Americanized
  6. Ham On The Bone
Notes: This is the full show. A set list can be seen hanging on the side of the stage listing several other songs, but towards the end a fight breaks out in the audience and the set is cut short.

The show opens with Sleazy introducing the great None perfoming the works of Anton Reemcomb in front of a paper backdrop that is painted up to look like an art gallery. None (Scott Krahl) comes out along with his partner (Mike Bonner) and does a wierd dance to the tune of some carnival music before Bonner breaks an easel over his head. Sleazy comes back out with the head of Anton Reemcob which explodes as GWAR rips down the backdrop and tears into Time For Death. The costumes in this show are still fairly crude, with Oderus having some shit on his face but not the full face mask that will make it's appearance in the months following this show, nor does he have the German war helmets on his shoulders yet. Also worth noting is that they perform a thrash version of Black & Huge.

The exact date on this show is unknown, although it is said to be from 1988. Judging from the state of the costumes, it is at least a couple of months earlier than the 4/11/88 Trenton NJ show, leaving me to guess that it is probably Jan or Feb 88, or possibly even late 1987. Mike Bishop is there as Beefcake, and Lisa Harrelson, the old GWAR Woman is also seen.

Currently the earliest known GWAR bootleg in circulation.

The sound on this show is direct from the soundboard, which means that it's likely that this show was filmed by the band. Also, in the beginning, Sleazy (hamming it up) says "it's great to be back in Baltimore, because Baltimore knows how to rock, give yourself a hand Baltimore" but in fact this show was filmed in Washington D.C. At the end Oderus says (sincerely) "We'll see you again real soon D.C."

Location: City Gardens, Trenton, New Jersey
Date: 4/11/88
Time: 50m

  1. Bone Meal * ("GWAR Woman" and Ollie North are introduced)
  2. Ollie North * (Slymenstra wrestles Ollie north)
  3. Time for Death
  4. Black and Huge
  5. War Toy
  6. Ham on the Bone * (Original "slow" version)
  7. Slutman City
  8. I'm In Love (With a Dead Dog) * (GWAR wrestles Redneck and Bad Bitch)
  9. The Years Without Light
  10. Americanized
  11. World o' Filth
  12. Vlad the Impaler
  13. Techno's Song * (Techno Desturcto Express fight GWAR)
  14. U Aint Shit * (GWAR defeat Techno and Bozo)
  15. GWAR Theme
  16. Cool Place to Park
  17. Rock N Roll Party Town (TD Express, Sexy, GWAR Woman, come out for a final dance)
    (approx. 15 minutes of backstage footage follows)

Notes: After Cool Place To Park, there is a couple of minutes of the band backstage talking to each other and the cameraman, meaning that this video was filmed for the band. It's also mentioned that there were other people in the audience filming that weren't with the cameraman, so there are more than one version of this video out there.

There has been some debate over who the GWAR Woman is in this video. It doesn't appear to the brown haired Lisa Harrelson, who was the original GWAR Woman, and neither does it appear to be Danyell Stampe, who has played Slymenstra since at least 1989. According to BalSac, it probably is Collete, who briefly played the role in the interim between the other two.

Oderus's now has his full face mask, but it is still crude and pig-like. Sexecutioner's mask is also an earlier version.

Ham On The Bone is a slower version than what will later appear on America Must Be Destroyed. Years Without Light is also a little different, but the drummer fucks up in the middle of it and aborts the song.

I recently tracked down a better copy of this show than I previously had, and it includes one more song (Rock N Roll Party Town) as well as nearly 15 minutes of backstage footage, where you can see most of the band members running around out of costume, talking about the show.


Location: Blondie's, Detroit, Michigan
Date: 6/12/88
Time: 50m

  1. Time for Death * (fight the Redneck from Hell)
  2. Black and Huge
  3. War Toy
  4. Americanized
  5. Ham on the Bone
  6. Bone Meal * (Sleazy injects the band with crack)
  7. Ollie North
  8. World o' Filth
  9. Vlad the Impaler
  10. Slutman City * (Sexy toys around with a goat)
  11. Pure As the Arctic Snow
  12. I'm In Love (With a Dead Dog) * (Pookie is molested)
  13. Techno's Song * (Techno Destructo fights GWAR)
  14. U Aint Shit * (GWAR finishes Techno off)
  15. GWAR Theme
  16. Cool Place to Park

Location: The Ritz, New York City
Date: 6/30/88
Time: 56m

    Sleazy introduces band members
  1. Rock N Roll Party Town
  2. Bone Meal (GWAR Woman wrestles Ollie North)
  3. Ollie North
  4. Time for Death
  5. War Toy
  6. Black and Huge
  7. Ham on the Bone * (Original "slow" version)
  8. Slutman City (goat sex)
  9. I'm In Love (With a Dead Dog) * (GWAR wrestles Redneck and Bad Bitch)
  10. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  11. The Years Without Light
  12. Americanized
  13. World o' Filth (toilet summoning)
  14. Vlad the Impaler
  15. Techno's Song * (Techno Desturcto Express fight GWAR)
  16. U Aint Shit * (GWAR defeat T.D. Express)
  17. Cool Place to Park
Notes: This show was listed only as "the Ritz" but didn't say which city. I assumed that this was the famous Ritz in New York City, but towards the beginning, Oderus talks about "it's good to be back in Cleveland again." So either there's a Ritz in Cleveland, the location is listed wrong, or Oderus was just playing stupid, saying he was in Clevland when really they were in New York.

This is another wrestling tour show, similar to the City Gardens and Blondie's shows above.

The sound on this one is real weak, but it was recorded from the soundboard, so this show was probably filmed by the band.

Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 1988
Time: 40m

  1. Black & Huge
  2. War Toy
  3. World O' Filth
  4. Slutman City (goat sex)
  5. Bone Meal (Redneck comes out)
  6. Ollie North (Redneck gut rip & decapitation)
  7. Ham On The Bone (slow version)
  8. Horror Of Yg
  9. Death Pod
  10. Americanized (drugs)
  11. Sexecutioner (Stubbles eviscerated, decapitated, mutilated)
  12. Vlad The Impaler
  13. Techno Song
  14. U Ain't Shit
Notes: A partial show, but shot very close with many close ups. Possibly the earliest video with Danyell as GWAR Woman/Slymenstra.

Location: The Bottleneck, Lawrence, Kansas
Date: 11/11/1988
Time: 60m

  1. War Toy
  2. The Years Without Light
  3. World O' Filth
  4. Slutman City
  5. Bone Meal
  6. Ollie North
  7. Ham On The Bone
  8. Horror Of Yig
  9. Death Pod
  10. Americanized
  11. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  12. Time For Death
  13. As Pure As The Arctic Snow
  14. Sexecutioner
  15. Vlad The Impaler
  16. Techo's Song
  17. U Ain't Shit
  18. Cool Place To Park
  19. GWAR Theme

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Date: 11/15/88
Time: 60m

  1. Black And Huge
  2. War Toy
  3. The Years Without Light
  4. World O' Filth
  5. Slutman City
  6. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  7. Bone Meal
  8. Ollie North
  9. Ham On The Bone (Original, slow version)
  10. Horror Of Yig
  11. Death Pod (Pre Scumdogs version)
  12. Americanized
  13. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  14. Time For Death (Slower version)
  15. Sexecutioner
  16. Vlad The Impaler
  17. Techno's Song
  18. U Ain't Shit
  19. GWAR Theme
Notes: Very Good Quality. (A little bit dark at front of stage)

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date: 9/21/88
Time: 40m

Note: For those of you not familiar with Rigor Mortis, this was the band that had Casey Orr (Beefcake/Tubb Tucker) before he joined GWAR in '94. I have seen this show listed in a catalog, but have no further information at this time.

Location: The Pyramid Club, New York City
Date: 1/30/89
Time: 80m

    Band enters stage through audience. Sexy introduces.
  1. Horror Of Yg
  2. Death Pod
  3. Black & Huge
  4. Slaughterama (Redneck decapitation & gut rip, Hippie face rip, Melvin Fleebish decapitation)
  5. Years Without Light
  6. King Queen
  7. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  8. Americanized (drugs)
  9. World O' Filth
  10. Rock N Roll Party Town (Bad Biker Bitch dances)
  11. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog) (Bitch gets butt raped)
  12. Bone Meal (Slymentra vs. Bitch)
  13. Ollie North (Bitch tittie chop)
  14. Sexecutioner (Stubbles eviscerated, decapitated, mutiated)
  15. Captain Crunch (tentacled gwar baby)
  16. Time For Death (slow version)
  17. Vlad The Impaler
  18. Techno Song (vs. Techno Destructo Express)
  19. U Ain't Shit (T.D. Express gets asses kicked)
  20. Cool Place To Park
  21. GWAR Theme
  22. War Toy
  23. Jacuqes Cousteau
Notes: Probably the best of all of the pre-Scumdogs shows I've seen. Video is shot nice and close, with lots of good close ups. Slymenstra is wearing some kind of African skull headdress with huge blonde hair that puffs out to her shoulders, and has a little tail that sticks out of the back of her costume. The set includes most of the songs off of Hell-o! and Scumdogs, and the band comes back for three more encores after Cool Place To Park. The only problem with this show is that the filmer paused the tape between many of the songs, missing much of the drunken banter of Oderus, and parts of the beginnings of several songs.

Oderus also sings a little lullaby for the GWAR baby:
Away in the gutter
No crib for a bed
The little GWAR baby
Asleep 'cause it's dead



Location: Wally's, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Date: 3/28/89
Time: 30m or so, it gets prematurely cut off

  1. Black and Huge
  2. The Years Without Light
  3. Death Pod
  4. Americanized
  5. Sexicutioner * (Stubbles is disemboweled)
  6. Pure as the Arctic Snow
  7. World o Filth * (Melvin Fleebish decapitation)
  8. King Queen
  9. Horror of Yig
  10. Slutman City
------------ Show is cut here.

Notes: This is a very interesting show. Oderus is wearing a helmet his head for the first couple songs. Almost all of the songs are pre-Scumdogs versions, with noicable differences (i.e., the chant of "Death paaaad!", etc). It is very fun to watch. Small stage, with old costumes, and a pretty enthused crowd.

A full lenghth version of this video may exist. I have an old boot video catalog that has this show listed as being 60m in length, so it's possible that the version that is being traded between the GWAR online fans may be a shortened version of the full show. Or the guy's catalog could have the wrong length.

Location: The Circuit, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Date: 08-19-1989
Time: 65m

  1. Horror Of Yg
  2. Black & Huge
  3. Years Without Light
  4. Americanized
  5. Death Pod
  6. King Queen
  7. Dead Dog
  8. Love Surgery
  9. Jacques Cousteau
  10. Time For Death
  11. Captain Crunch
  12. Sexecutioner
  13. Vlad The Impaler
  14. Techno Song
  15. U Ain't Shit
  16. Cool Place To Park
Notes: Features early version of King Queen with different lyrics and song structure

Location: Houston, TX
Date: 2/25/90
Time: 15m (cut after the first 4 songs)

  1. Horror of Yig
  2. Black and Huge * (Redneck from Hell disemboweled)
  3. The Years Without Light
  4. World o' Filth * (Melvin Fleebish decapitated)
Notes: Not too interesting, pretty much like the beginning of Live From Antarctica, but worse quaity.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: 1990
Time: 40m

  1. Sexecutioner (Father Bohab butt rape)
  2. Sick Of You
  3. Morality Squad (Grambo on crutches, Corp Punishment)
  4. You Ain't Shit
  5. GWAR Theme
  6. Slaughterama (hippie, art fag, skinhead)
  7. Gor Gor
  8. Cool Place To Park
Notes: this video is only a partial show, and is poorly filmed. Although there are a few good closeups, the set is dark and there are often many obstructions.

This is the show where the audio to the Tour De Scum home video versions of GWAR Theme and Gor Gor was recorded, with Oderus' Paul Stanley imitation intro about molten glass poured in your assholes.

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Date: 12/13/90
Time: 90m

Notes: this video is listed in an old bootleg catalog, no further information at the present.

Location: Asbury Park, New Jersey
Date: 12/15/90
Time: 80m

  1. Salaminizer (Nun decapitated, black dude gets shotgun blast in the face, pregnant bag lady gets an abortion)
  2. Vlad The Impaler
  3. Black & Huge
  4. Crack In The Egg (baby Gor Gor hatches, eats slave's hand)
  5. Love Surgery (Oderus chops at audience with his sword)
  6. Sick Of You (girls thrown in meatgrinder)
  7. Maggots (Tiny split in half)
  8. Horror Of Yg
  9. Have U Seen Me? (dancing milk cartons and ...hhhhhiiiimmmm gets headfucked)
  10. Sexecutioner (Father Bohad gut rip and crucifix sodomized)
  11. Bone Meal
  12. Ollie North
  13. Morality Squad (Grambo and Corp. Punishment attack)
  14. U Ain't Shit (CP's muscles ripped off, Grambo skinned alive)
  15. GWAR Theme
  16. Slaughterama (Hippie head shot, art fag face rip, skinhead head chop)
Notes: Early Tour deScum show, similar to official video, but with more songs.

Location: Torornto, Ontario
Date: 4/14/91
Time: 90m

  1. The Salaminizer
  2. Black And Huge
  3. Crack In The Egg
  4. Love Surgery
  5. Je M'Appelle J.Cousteau
  6. Sick Of You
  7. Maggots
  8. Horror Of Yig
  9. Have You Seen Me?
  10. Sexecutioner
  11. Vlad The Impaler
  12. The Morality Squad
  13. U Aint Shit
  14. GWAR Theme
  15. Slaughterama
  16. Gor Gor
  17. Cool Place To Park
Notes: Very Good Quality.

Location: Lund, Sweden
Date: 6/4/91
Time: 90m

  1. Salaminizer * (Nun Head chop - Black guy shot, as in Tour de Scum)
  2. Black and Huge
  3. Crack in the Egg * (Gor-Gor hatched, slave's hand bitten off)
  4. Love Surgery
  5. Je M'Appelle Jacques Cousteau
  6. Sick of You
  7. Maggots * ("Tiny" chopped in half)
  8. Poor Ole Tom * (With zoom on "video" in the background)
  9. Horror of Yig * (Slymenstra fire dance)
  10. Sexicutioner * (Father bohab head bash, stomach rip, and anal impalement)
  11. Vlad the Impaler
  12. The Morality Squad * (Granbo and Private parts fight GWAR - Parts' pecs are ripped off)
  13. U Aint Shit * (Granbo fights standing up, with crutches. Her skin is ripped off, she sprays milk, etc.)
  14. GWAR Theme
  15. Slaughterama * (Hippie head shot, art fag face rip, skinhead decapitation)
  16. GOR-GOR * (GOR-GOR is fought, shows mini movie on video screen)
  17. Cool Place to Park * (Beefcake removes helmet to expose his shaved head)
Notes: Starts with Sleazy (on video screen) talking a bit, then Granbo comes on and gives a speech. Granbo is up on spring-loaded crutches, which I believe was only done in Europe. There is a video screen in the background with video backup to Love Surgery, Jacques Cousteau, Poor Ole Tom, GOR-GOR, etc.

Location: Allentown, PA
Date: 12/14/91
Time: 90m

Location: Cameo Theatre, Miami, Florida
Date: 5/19/92
Time: 90m

Intro by decapitated head Anton Reemcob, introduces techno band "Prestige" to replace GWAR.

  1. Ham on the Bone * (GWAR busts through speakers, kills techno band)
  2. Ollie North
  3. Pure as the Arctic Snow
  4. Salaminizer
  5. Blimey * (Microphone "2! 2!" tester's arm is ripped off)
  6. U Aint Shit * (Cop gets spear rammed up ass, carried off like on a spit)
  7. The Years Without Light * (Slaves bombard crowd with catapulted shit)
  8. Gilded Lily * (Slymenstra delivers discipline to now enslaved Techno)
  9. Rock n Roll Never Felt so Good * (Quadriplechick is dismembered)
  10. Bad Bad Men
  11. Horror of Yig * (Slymenstra fire dance)
  12. Voodoo Summoning * (Fire dance continues, goat is sacrificed)
  13. Captain Crunch * (Slymie dances topless, LSD cube is passed on crowd)
  14. Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
  15. Gor-Gor * (Techno and slaves continue to fight, robotic Gor-Borg kicks ass)
  16. America Must Be Destroyed
  17. Slaughterama * (Special presidential edition, featuring Bill Clinton face rip, George Bush head chop, and The Pope head chop, and new lyrics.)
  18. Scallop Boat ("Never before played" ballad, cut short after 30 seconds)
  19. Have You Seen Me? * (Naked dancing chick, dead baby)
Notes: Has a "surreal" feel to it (Captain Crunch, Voodoo), a ton of one-time one-tour kills, like the cop, quadriplechick, etc, a great battle featuring GOR-GOR and Techno at once, as well as all the slaves in mind-control helmets. Also has two-levels, so Slaves and at times band members can stand up higher on the second platform. Huge GWAR logo falls on GOR-GOR to kill him.

Location: LaBrique Concert Hall, Montreal, Canada
Date: 7/1/92
Time: 65m

  1. Ollie North
  2. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  3. The Salaminizer
  4. Blimey
  5. U Aint Shit
  6. The Years Without Light
  7. Gilded Lily
  8. Rock 'N Roll Never Felt So Good
  9. Bad Bad Men
  10. Horror of Yig
  11. Voodoo Summoning
  12. Captain Crunch
  13. Private Pain of Techno Destructo
  14. Gor Gor
  15. America Must Be Destroyed
Notes: This is the show where the live songs on the Road Behind EP were recorded. Unfortunately the encores are cut off, so Have You Seen me is missing.

Location: Cleveland, OH
Date: ?/??/93
Time: 70m

(trick or treater taken onto gwar tour bus father comes with kid to rescue him)

  1. Time For Death (Father's head chopped off, other kid's arms ripped off, bunny kid fucked to death, Oderus jacks off on the crowd)
  2. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  3. Ham On The Bone
    (Referre comes out, introduces first wresteling match. Frank Sinatra and Hitler Against GWAR WOMAN. Sinatra smashes a beer bottle against slymenstra's head)
  4. Death Pod (wrestling, frank gets face ripped off, hitler gets decapitated)
  5. Penis I See (Oderus jacks off into the audience again, all over the crowd, all over a band mate, all over his face!)
  6. Baby Dick Fuck
    (sleazy gives wresteling belts to oderus [lead singer] and sexicutioner [kind of a henchman] referre claims they dont deserve it since gwar woman did everything, so sleazy brings out the next contestant)
  7. I'm In Love With A Dead Dog (Oderus and sexicutioner wrestles an OVERWEIGHT, BLIND, HOMLESS, PREGNANT BAG LADY. they rip the baby out of the woman's pussy [actually rips it out with the lady's walking stick and the help of a slave], lead singer fucks her, then uses the kid like a baseball hitting it with a stick. they of corse, win)
  8. Jack The World
    (Oderus shows Flattus' gunshot wound and colostomy bag)
  9. Sonderkommando
    (Villians Techno Destructo AND Bozo Destructo come out and steal the belts)
  10. The Salaminzer
  11. Filthy Flow
    (referre introduces the final wresteling match, GWAR vs THE TECHNO DESTRUCTO EXPRESS)
  12. Private Pain Of Techno Destructo (techno and bozo beat the shit out of oderus and Sexicutioner)
  13. Americanized (GWAR WOMAN beats the shit out of techno and bozo with a mace, then strips the armor off them, then MENSTURATES ON TECHNO.)
  14. Gwar Theme (slave pisses on the crowd, Oderus pisses)
    (oderus talks to the crowd.)
  15. The Issue Of Tissue (spacecake)
  16. World O Filth
  17. Maggots
    (gwar leaves stage, fans cheer, band comes back, Beefcake takes off his costume, Flattus has costume off, Beefcake is wearing a dress, Oderus plays bass for next song)
  18. Cool Place To Park (bassist sings, singer does bass, BalSac's bear trap mask accidentally falls off, GWAR WOMAN gets topless, slaves are whipped on chains. its NUTS)

Notes: costumes are from around the time 'this toliet earth' came out with different variations on the costumes. good quality with some really cool shots. just seeing the band 90% out of costume is great and seeing slymenstra toppless just doubles the coolness factor.


Location: Buffalo, NY
Date: 6/2/94
Time: 25m

  1. Interview
  2. Have You Seen Me (gay sex with hhhhhiiiiiimmmmm, Cuttlefish spews)
  3. Slap You Around (still spewing)
  4. Black & Huge (finally finishes spewing)
  5. Detroit Rock City
  6. Jack The World (video)
Note: This show was apparently filmed for a cable access show. It starts out with two guys (one in a ski mask, the other in a skull mask) interviewing GWAR before they go onstage. Four live songs follow (including a cover of KISS' Detroit Rock City), shot from up in the lighting rig but with good close ups. Finishes with the Jack The World video.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date: 6/26/94
Time: 65m (no encores)

Sleazy introduces band. Boss Glom and his bodyguard "buy" GWAR.

  1. Americanized * (Boss Glom chased off stage, soldier "banana peeled")
  2. AEIOU
  3. Saddam A Go-Go
  4. Maggots * (Guy with weird head fucked up)
  5. Penis I See * (Slave jacks off Oderus, Oderus cum)
  6. I'm In Love (With a Dead Dog) * (GWAR fan stabs Oderus in head)
  7. Ham on the Bone
  8. S.F.W. * (Three skinheads - all decapitated)
  9. The Salaminizer
  10. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake) * (Slymenstra fire dance)
  11. Pocket Pool * (song filler, during Skulhed's speech. turns the Homoginzer on GWAR - they begin playing "Road behind" but are saved by Sleazy and his crack-zooka)
  12. Jack the World * (beginning cut off, camera is repositioned)
  13. Sexicutioner * (Michael Jackson dick chop, face is ripped to reveal alien)
  14. Bad Bad Men
  15. Horror of Yig * (Skulhed and the enormous "Flesh Column" fight GWAR)
  16. World o' Filth * (Flesh column's arms ripped off)
  17. Pure as the Arctic Snow
  18. Sonderkommando
  19. Sick of You
*No Encores*

Notes: Sound is distorted at times, microphone overloads. Picture quality is very clear. Small stage with no World Maggot, a very fun show to watch. Unfortunately, there are no encores (the idiot just didn't tape them, I guess).

Location: La Luna, Portland, Oregon
Date: 11/5/94
Time: 20m

  1. Detroit Rock City
  2. Slaughterama * (Hippie head shot, Art Fag face rip, Skinhead decapitation)
  3. Maggots * (World Maggot eats girls, head chopped)
Notes: Filmed well, but filled with cheesy effects. Good quality. Features "Detroit Rock City" by KISS.

Location: Petaluma, California
Date: 11/7/94
Time: 90m

  1. Intro Music
  2. Saddam A Go-Go
  3. Vlad The Impaler
  4. Crack In The Egg
  5. Americanized
  6. AEIOU
  7. Penis I See
  8. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  9. Jack The World
  10. Have You Seen Me?
  11. S.F.W.
  12. Salaminizer
  13. Horror Of Yig
  14. Sonderkommando
  15. Black And Huge
  16. Issue Of Tissue (Spacecake)
  17. Ham On The Bone
  18. The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
  19. U Aint Shit
  20. GWAR Theme
  21. Detroit Rock City
  22. Slaughterama
  23. Maggots

Location: Unknown
Date: 1994?
Time: 10m

  1. Interloper
  2. Welcome to New Jersey
  3. 5-0 * (cut half-way through. black guy is beat up)
Notes: Good quality, it's too bad it was cut off halfway through the 3rd song.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date: 7/01/95
Time: 67m

  1. Interloper
  2. Welcome To New Jersey
  3. 5-0
  4. Barbells
  5. Zipper Pig
  6. Paddy Wagon Rape
  7. Junkie
  8. Cavity Search
  9. Your Mother
  10. Beat You Down
  11. Tune Up Time
  12. Third Leg
  13. Highway Star
  14. You Fucked Up
  15. Nuture My Pig
  16. Conflict Management (Sung by Zipper Pig)
  17. The Party's Over

Location: Berkley, California
Date: 7/14/95
Time: 64m

  1. Interloper
  2. Welcome To New Jersey
  3. 5-0
  4. Barbells
  5. Zipper Pig
  6. Paddy Wagon Rape
  7. Junkie
  8. Cavity Search
  9. Your Mother
  10. Beat You Down
  11. Tune Up Time
  12. Third Leg
  13. Highway Star
  14. You Fucked Up
  15. Nuture My Pig
  16. Conflict Management (Sung by Zipper Pig)
  17. The Party's Over

Location: San Francisco, California
Date: 7/17/95
Time: 70m

Note: another video I have seen listed in a catalog.

Location: Pentaluma, California
Date: 11/11/95
Time: 84m

Notes: Very close

Location: The Abyss, Houston, TX
Date: 11/26/95
Time: 90m

Band emerges, OJ comes on stage, chasing slave around with a knife.

  1. Time for Death * (OJ decapitated)
  2. Love Surgery * ("Rotting Corpse of Jerry Garcia" Face rip, gut rip)
  3. Death Pod
  4. Ragnarok * (Oderus "goes solo", is abducted by aliens)
  5. Sonderkommando * (Oderus cum, Grey aliens)
  6. The New Plague
  7. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake) * (Slymenstra inpregnated by Greys)
  8. Meat Sandwich
  9. Black and Huge
  10. Knife In Your Guts * (Slymenstra birth, Sexy face rip)
  11. King Queen
  12. Fire in the Loins * (Oderus and Slymenstra duet - slaves fight with baby)
  13. Martyrdumb
  14. Gor-Gor * (Synibite warriors, chest rip, fight Sexy + Oderus)
  15. Ham on the Bone
  16. Stalin's Organs
  17. Surf of Syn * (Cardinal Syn, arms ripped)
  18. Crush, Kill, Destroy * (baby taken from chest, pyro in head)
  19. Rock n Roll Never Felt So Good
  20. Slutman City * (Maggot, girls fed, head chopped)
  21. Dirty, Filthy
  22. Sick of You
Notes: Filmed from air conditioning vent. A Bit dark, but very clear, sharp quality. Right side is cut quite a bit, not much Balsac, heavy on Beefcake, Flattus, Oderus. Great filming job, no superimposed logos.

Location: The Rave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date: 10/30/95
Time: 30m

Notes: This show features bits of each song throughout the show, and has all killings and fight scenes on tape. Whole songs were not filmed because the battery on the camera was low. Very interesting, Flattus ends up taking his costume off. Has some footage from behind the stage. Fun to watch. Also worth noting is that Oderus says something about "So we finally made it to Metalfest. Hi Jack!" (as in Jack Koshak, Metalfest's organizer) but in fact this is not actually at Metalfest, just at the Rave in Milwaukee where Metalfest takes place. The band actually did play Metalfest about nine months later.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date: 10/31/95
Time: 90m

Band emerges, OJ comes on stage, chasing slave around with a knife.

  1. Time for Death * (OJ decapitated)
  2. Love Surgery * ("Rotting Corpse of Jerry Garcia" Face rip, gut rip)
  3. Death Pod
  4. Ragnarok * (Oderus "goes solo", is abducted by aliens)
  5. Sonderkommando * (Oderus cum, Grey aliens)
  6. The New Plague
  7. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake) * (Slymenstra inpregnated by Greys)
  8. Meat Sandwich
  9. Krak-Down
  10. Knife In Your Guts * (Slymenstra birth, Sexy face rip)
  11. King Queen
  12. Fire in the Loins * (Oderus and Slymenstra duet - slaves fight with baby)
  13. Martyrdumb
  14. Gor-Gor * (Synibite warriors, chest rip, fight Sexy + Oderus)
  15. Ham on the Bone
  16. Rock n Roll Never Felt So Good
  17. Surf of Syn * (Cardinal Syn, arms ripped)
  18. Crush, Kill, Destroy * (baby taken from chest, pyro in head)
  19. Crack in the Egg
  20. Slutman City * (Maggot, girls fed, head chopped)
  21. Dirty, Filthy
  22. Sick of You
Notes: Filmed from stage right, very clear, a bit grainy at times but very good quality. No fire dance (due to fire codes), HUGE stage, a very good show. Houston has slightly better video quality. Both are very good. Filmed by Rev. Ivan Stang of the Subgenius.

Location: Stone Poney, Asbury Park, New Jersey
Date: 5/25/96
Time: 85m (no encores)

Note: This is another one I have seen listed in a catalog, but have no further information on at this time.

Location: Milwaukee Metalfest, The Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date: 7/28/96
Time: 90m

Notes: Copies of this show have finally surfaced. Set list coming soon.

Location: Pheonix Theater Pentaluma, California
Date: 5/17/97
Time: 90m

  1. Je M' Appelle Jaques Cousteau
  2. The Salaminizer
  3. Back To Iraq
  4. Death Pod
  5. Vlad The Impaler
  6. Crack In The Egg
  7. Sammy
  8. If I Could Be That
  9. Penguin Attack
  10. As Pure As The Arctic Snow
  11. Saddam A Go-Go
  12. Don's Bong Is Gone(Instrumental)
  13. Horror Of Yig
  14. Pre-School Prostitiute
  15. Hate Love Songs
  16. Private Pain Of Techno Destruco
  17. Gor Gor
  18. Sick Of You
  19. Don't Need A Man
  20. Warghoul
  21. Hell-O Medely
    • Time For Death
    • You Ain't Shit
    • Americanized
    • AEIOU
    • Rock N' Roll Party Town

Location: San Berardino, California
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 65m

  1. Je M' Appelle Jaques Cousteau
  2. Salaminizer
  3. Penguin Attack
  4. Death Pod
  5. Vlad The Impaler
  6. Crack In The Egg
  7. Sammy
  8. If I could Be That
  9. Penguin Attack
  10. As Pure As The Arctic Snow
  11. Saddam A Go-Go
  12. Don's Bong Is Gone/Wedding Song
  13. Horror Of Yig
  14. Pre-Skool Prostitute
Notes: Far, Bad angle

GWAR Audio Boots:

Location: The Warehouse Toronto, Ontario
Date: 6/30/92
Time: 85m

    Intro (Anton Reemcob/Prestige)
  1. Ham On The Bone
  2. Ollie North
  3. As Pure As The Arctic Snow
  4. The Salaminizer
  5. Blimey
  6. You Ain't Shit
  7. The Years Without Light
  8. Gilded Liley
  9. Rock N' Roll Never Felt So Good
  10. Bad Bad Men (Of The Wild Wild West)
  11. Horror Of Yig
  12. Voodoo Summoning
  13. Captain Crunch
  14. The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
  15. Gor-Gor
  16. America Must Be Destroyed
  17. Slaughterama (Presidential Edition)
  18. Have You Seen Me?

Location: The Warehouse Toronto, Ontario
Date: 6/3/94
Time: 90m

    Dave talking about the fact that Air Canada lost his costume.
    Intro (Sleazy/Boss Glom)
  1. Americanized
  2. AEIOU
  3. Saddam A Go-Go
  4. Maggots
  5. Penis I See
  6. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  7. Ham On The Bone
  8. S.F.W.
  9. The Salaminizer
  10. The Issue Of Tissue (Spacecake)
  11. The Road Behind
  12. Jack The World
  13. Sexecutioner
  14. Bad Bad Men
  15. Horror Of Yig
  16. World O' Filth
  17. As Pure As The Arctic Snow
  18. Sonderkommando
  19. Sick Of You
  20. Black And Huge
  21. Have You Seen Me?
  22. War Toy
  23. Detroit Rock City

Location: La Luna, Portland, Oregon
Date: 11/5/94
Time: 90m

  1. Saddam A Go-Go
  2. Vlad the Impaler * (cut at beginning, resumes at end)
  3. Crack in the Egg
  4. Americanized
  5. AEIOU
  6. Penis I See
  7. I'm in Love (With a Dead Dog) * (Instrumental version)
  8. Jack the World
  9. Have You Seen Me?
  10. S.F.W.
  11. The Salaminizer
  12. Horror of Yig
  13. Black and Huge
  14. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake)
  15. Techno's Song (Part 1)
  16. Ham on the Bone
  17. Techno's Song (resumed, and extended version)
  18. U Aint Shit
  19. Gwar Theme
  20. Detroit Rock City
  21. Slaughterama
  22. Maggots (cut about halfway through)
Comments: This recording is pretty decent. It has high treble, so you better use your graphic EQ. Vlad and Maggots are cut up due to recording problems. Good setlist and meaningless banter. Good to have for audio fans.

Location: DV8, Seattle, WA
Date: 11/9/95
Time: 90m

  1. Time for Death
  2. Love Surgery
  3. Death Pod
  4. Ragnarok
  5. Sonderkommando
  6. The New Plague
  7. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake)
  8. Meat Sandwich
  9. Black and Huge
  10. Knife in Your Guts
  11. King Queen
  12. Fire in the Loins
  13. Martyrdumb
  14. Gor-Gor
  15. Ham on the Bone
  16. Crack in the Egg
  17. Surf of Syn
  18. Crush, Kill, Destroy
  19. Rock n Roll Never Felt so Good
  20. Dirty, Filthy
  21. None But The Brave
  22. Sick of You
Notes: Recorded on DAT.

Official Slave Pit & Shimmy Disc 
compilations and fan club videos

Title: Pubes In Phallusland
Date: 1985
Location: PB Kelly's, Richmond, VA

Time: 25m

This is one of the earliest GWAR videos in existence, from PB Kelly's in Richmond, VA. According to the titles, it was shot by Michael D. Moore and Hunter Jackson at GWAR's second show with their own instruments. I'm not sure whether this means that it was their second show ever, and they were playing their own insturments, or if they played numerous other shows before with someone else's instruments. Either way, this rare piece of GWAR's prehistory has been shat forth like a petrified turd to shed some light on the dawn of the Scumdogs.

The video features one of the earliest lineups with Johnny Slutman (Ben Eubanks) on vocals, Oderus (Dave Brockie) on guitar, Jaws of Death (Steve Douglas) also on guitar, BalSac (Chris Bopst) on bass, and Sean Sumner (whose character didn't have a name) on drums.

The video begins with some meaningless stage banter by Oderus while the band waits for one of their amps to be replaced. Then there's a pseudo-music video of the live performance of Rock N Roll Party Town edited together from various scenes throughout the show. Unfortunately the sound is distorted and sounds shitty.There are some cool things to see in this old video, though. We get to see Techno Destructo (who has some kind of blaster on his arm rather than his trademark Atomic Power Claw) get the shit beat out of him with a mace. We're also treated to an unnamed character in a helmet who rips the intestines out of a fluffy pink unicorn and dives out into the crowd with entrails dripping from his mouth. We also get a good look at the original brunette GWAR Woman and get to watch her re-create a frozen antarctic blizzard. Actually, she tosses bags of styrofoam packing popcorn out into the crowd. There's also some guy in a Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt with a staff with a monster eyeball or something on it and some kind of mask that might be from the Antarctican Ant. There's also another guy (who looks like he may be a young Chuck Varga) in the crowd who has a hat with a severed baby's head and legs sticking out of it. After that we're treated to the gorier first edit of the Black & Huge video, which features more of the bloody scenes than wound up in the final version (which almost never got aired anyway). It then has some footage of the band running around in the streets and yelling at crowds outside the club that the video was filmed at. Then it's back to the 1987 show for some unedited single camera footage. Unfortunately it's not the entire show. The band starts out and plays Rock N Roll Party Town, but apparently Douglas' amp wasn't working (not that you can tell the difference because it sounds so distorted anyway) so then they waste about ten minutes trying to fix it. Oderus makes a comment about "So Johnny, you just flew in from Cleveland. I hear it's pretty hot there." And Johnny just says "YEAHHH!" And then they repeat it three more times. In fact, Johnny doesn't say anything other than "YEAHHH!" the whole time and Oderus does all of the talking. Finally they get the amp working and the band plays through Rock N Roll Party Town again. But just when you're getting psyched to see these mythical characters that have heretofore only been glimpsed at in their Hell-o! era comics, it's over. After that it cuts back to the final edit of the Black & Huge video that can be seen in the TVD and Next Mutation videos.

Overall, this video is a rare gem that could only have been cooler if the full show had been included


Original singer Johnny Slutman
Oderus Urungus on guitar
Jaws Of Death getting drunk
The original GWAR Woman

Title: Shimmy Disc Video Compilation
Date: 1988
Time: 15m (GWAR stuff only)

  1. GWAR Theme
  2. Misc interview clips
  3. Time For Death
This is probably the earliest officially released GWAR video product. It's part of a video compilation of Shimmy Disc artists such as Bongwater, King Missile, and lots of others.

It opens with a video for GWAR Theme. It is a different recording from the Hell-o! version, and has Oderus in the costume with the top of his head and hair, but no face mask. Also seen are original GWAR Woman Lisa Harrelson (a brunette), and some kind of skinned dog prop. You can also see the Don Drakulich Techno Destructo.

After that are some even older clips. There is some 8mm footage of an earlier lineup (no Joey Slutman, but with an early Beefcake (definetly not Bishop)). They are walking over a hill in the snow waving their weapons. The costumes are mostly the same as in GWAR Must Be Destroyed, mostly crude fur and bones outfits with helmets or headgear or some kind, except for Beefcake and Balsac who pretty much had their style even back then. From there it goes into a news clip from a Richmond station (where the anchor mistakenly calls the band "gore") where the band are running around in the winter on the streets yelling and screaming.

From that they go to a TV studio and throw a newsman threw the desk then beat him up. Dave can be clearly seen yelling into the camera. He then holds up a bloody head and smears it into the weather map, and Beefcake breaks through the wall.

Following that is more 8mm footage of the band eating various body parts for dinner and Dave drooling all over himself. In the background can be seen a big neon sign that says "SIN" (as can be seen in one of the comics in Mind Control Monthly #2).

From there it goes to the second video, for an alternate recording of Time For Death. This video features some really odd variations in costumes and props, and is filmed outdoors in front of a large building with the GWAR logo on it. The guitar player is Stephen Sphincter, dressed in a costume similar to what Beefcake would later wear (but not as fat) and the Flattus character has a crude version of the stegasaurus spikes on his back like would be seen in later costumes, plus giant horns sticking out the side of his head, and Sleazy's hair! We also get to see the crude early Gor Gor that is also in the Return Of Techno Destructo video, plus an even earlier version of Cardinal Syn than the one seen in RAWGWAR. It looks like he has a giant engine block for most of his body, and he has giant saw blades for his hands, like Grambo. Also seen is the jet engine that Dave said was dropped on Uncle Knobby, plus there is some unnamed character with a big cream colored head and dark glasses with a pack of TNT strapped to him (which BalSac said may have been Sluggo P. Martini)


Date: 1989
Time: 110m

  1. Black & Huge
  2. World O Filth (partial)
  3. Slutman City
  4. Bone Meal/Ollie North
  5. Dead Dog
  6. Americanized
  7. Years Without Light
  8. As Pure As The Arctic Snow
  9. Techno Song
  10. Ham On The Bone
  11. World O Filth
  12. Captain Crunch
  13. Bone Meal/Ollie North
  14. Bone Meal/Ollie North
  15. Death Pod
  16. Dead Dog
  17. Time For Death
  18. Horror Of Yg
  19. Slaughterama (sung over Techno Song)
  20. Sexecutioner
  21. Techno Song
  22. U Ain't Shit
  23. Vlad The Impaler
  24. Cardinal Syn Theme
  25. U Aint' Shit
  26. GWAR Theme
  27. Captain Crunch
  28. Cool Place To Park
This the original RAWGWAR video. This is not to be confused with The Next Mutation, which was originally listed in the Slave Pit catalogs as "RAWGWAR: The Next Mutation," probably implying that Next Mutation was RAWGWAR part two. RAWGWAR is a collection of live clips from between 1987 and 1988, judging from the crude state of the costumes. Some of the clips have Oderus in the costume state like he is seen in on the cover of Hell-o!, with the horned headpiece and scraggly hair but no face mask. Other clips have the crude original face mask like seen in the 4/11/88 Trenton NJ and Detroit 7/12/88 bootlegs. Still others have the next version of the mask as seen in the Next Mutation video and live tapes from 1989 or so. Similarly, Sexecutioner is seen in various stages of evolution, including one of the earliest versions where he had a penis hanging on the front of this shorts. Some of the footage from one show that is in some clips was edited together together to make the Black & Huge video that can be seen in Next Mutation and TVD.

Unfortunately most of the quality is poor. Most of the club scenes are poorly lit and like Next Mutation, it's obvious that the band assembled this on a couple of VCRs and it shows more generational loss than your average bootleg, making the picture blurry in some clips. The audio on most tracks is pretty poor, too.

The video runs 110 minutes, and despite the poor quality, it is still facsinating because it shows some enemies and props that were hardly ever used anywhere else, and it also features a couple of musical oddities: an early version of Years Without Light, an early version of Slaughterama sung over the Techno Song music, and the otherwise unreleased Cardinal Syn Theme which is completely different from Surf Of Syn.

The video opens with the Slave Pit logo and address, then we see the band entering a club from the street. Sleazy introduces what appears to be a poetry reading in an art gallery with famous works of art on its paper walls. Sleazy announces that there will be a short play from the works of Anton Reemcob, and Scott Krahl and Mike Bonner come out in their slave outfits. Krahl dances around with a mangled skeleton while Bonner plays a harp. Sleazy brings out the bust of Anton Reemcob and blows it apart with his shotgun and GWAR tear down the paper walls and start into Black & Huge. After, Sleazy comes out and says that they have sponsored a contest and the winner is... Melvin Fleebish! Of course Sexecutioner shows him what he's won by chopping off his head as they go into World O Filth, but it abruptly cuts off as he starts to spray the crowd with his jugular juices.

Next Sexy brings out the dead Goat and Oderus talks about raping it but says that he's done that too many times and wants something new, so then they bring out "the leader of the local fan club, Stubble" (who is the fat body that can be seen dismembered during "Sexecutioner" in Live From Antarctica). Stubble comes swinging across the stage from a rope, and is in noticably better condition than in LFA. As the band goes into Slutman City, Stubble is dismembered, disembowled, beheaded, and ripped to pieces in typical GWAR fashion.

Up next, the Redneck from Hell makes his first appearance firing his shotgun to the tune of Bone Meal/Ollie North and of course has his brain and guts pulled out, then his head ripped off. Following this is the familiar Dead Dog song and skit featuring the Bad Biker Bitch where Sexy brings Oderus Pookie for his sexual delight, but is interrupted by the Bitch. After attacking the pair with her dildo, her tits are chopped off, and Oderus butt bangs her and spews all over the crowd.

The next scene was something I hadn't seen before. Oderus complains to Sleazy that he doesn't want to be a rock star anymore, so Sleazy tells him to watch TV and do some drugs. They had a giant television (actually it was more of a giant box with a screen shaped hole cut in it) with a guy inside waving puppets around while the band played Americanized and blew intoxicating fumes from the Crackzooka and shot each other up with the giant hypodermic needle. Bonner also sprayed the crowd with his giant weenie.

An older clip of Years Without Light follows, with Oderus in the old costume w/o the face mask. The song is a little different in structure than the Scumdogs version and starts the thrash part sooner, but most of the lyrics are the same. After that Sleazy comes out again along with rock critic Anton Reemcob. Sleazy asks him what he's going to write for his review of the new album, and Anton makes a farting sound. Sleazy gets mad and says "hey art fag, suck on this!" and blows Reemcob's head off with his shotgun.

Another older clip of Pure As The Arctic Snow follows, with Oderus throwing packing popcorn in the air to simulate snow, leading into Techno Song with the tag team parterns The Techno Destructo Express.

Next is the old slow version of Ham On The Bone, and then World O Filth with the Toilet Summoning. Bonner has a giant zit on his shoulder, and Oderus squeezes some pus out of it into the toilet, then Bonner uses his massive member to spray some more gunk in it. They also throw in body parts and anything else they can cum up with. What surprised me is that this time, they actually summon something! As they go into Captain Crunch, a shambling shapeless mound with a giant eye stalk comes out on the stage. According to BalSac, this is one of the Fudgies, a creature from the plane of Fudge.

But it quickly cuts away and goes into a version of Bone Meal/Ollie North where they do the Toilet Summoning again, and this time a different beastie comes out, too. It's a fat green blobby thing with tentacles for arms, and it has bug eyes, a beard, and horns. And the slaves keep shoving toilet paper into it's butthole. BalSac said that this one is Log Suckoff.Then the Fudgie comes out and the two fight.

From there it goes to one of the older shows again, and Oderus and Sexy proudly display the Frank Sinatra Belts of World Domination.

Then it's back to the newer material, and something that was seen briefly in the MTV Week In Rock report on the 1989 New Music Seminar. (I think it's a different show, but it's hard to tell). As the play Bone Meal/Ollie North again, Techno is brought out chained to a cross, and the Scumdogs put a crown of thorns on his head, beat and torment him, then rip his arms off and bathe in his spewing fluids. I'm surprised that they didn't do this one more often, because it makes for a more spectacular ending for the Techno Destructo attack.

Following that, there is an early version of Death Pod performed, with the lovely Slymenstra doing one of her death dances, then it cuts back to the old wrestling show again as Oderus and Sexy pair off against the Bad Biker Bitch and the Redneck From Hell, to the tune of Dead Dog. Guess what happens next? You got it, she gets her tits chopped off and he gets his brain ripped out again. You think these guys would learn after a while. Following this is a rousing rendition of Time For Death.

While GWAR are in a drug induced stupor, the Techno Destructo Express steals the Frank Sinatra Belts away from them and chalenges them to a match at the end of the show. But before that, it goes to a newer show again and they perform Horror Of Yg. Slymenstra does her dance, but she must not have been practicing with the fire at this time.

One of the curious bits is next, as Sleazy comes out to sing a proto-version of Slaughterama. The act is pretty much the same, but the music played is actually Techno Song. The hapless contestants are Melvin Fleebish, the Redneck, Biker Bitch, and the Hippie, and they finish up the song with Sleazy and Oderus singing the "Slaugherama, Slaugherama, it's a drama" part. After that, Sexecutioner comes out and sings his theme song, then it goes back to the wrestling show again.

The Techno Destructo Express does their ususal bit and beats Oderus and Sexy into submission, but instead of going straight into U Ain't Shit, they gloat for a while, then say that now the audience has to listen to their Techno Pop, and some really lame music plays in the background. Before it goes on too long, Oderus and Sexy break some tables over their heads and go into U Ain't Shit. It's worth noting that Slymenstra (or the old GWAR Woman) don't appear in the oldest clips, they must not have had either at the time.

A newer version of Vlad The Impaler follows, and then one of the high points of the whole tape... The giant TV on the side of the stage (mentioned before when they did Americanized) suddenly breaks open and Cardinal Syn bursts forth. He's not as fancy as the one seen on the Ragnarok tour, but still is pretty impressive for the time, standing over ten feet tall. Of course, he beats the band into submission as they play his theme song. As mentioned before, this is a completely different instrumental from Surf Of Syn. A brief clip from this song can be heard in the aforementioned New Music Seminar MTV report. I've wondered for years what that song was, and now I know. As the battle turns, the familiar chords of U Ain't Shit start, and Log Suckoff comes to GWAR's aid and defeats Syn.

The GWAR Theme brings the tape towards it's end, and for encores the band performs Captain Crunch (fighting against the Cheyrnobyl Cockroach), and finished with Cool Place To Park.

At the end of the tape, we see GWAR leaving the club the entered at the beginning, going back out into the street and fighting and jumping on fans in the street.

Despite the poor quality, I think that this is a crucial piece in the history of GWAR, and it's a shame that Slave Pit hasn't had this one available for over eight years.

Title: The Next Mutation (a.k.a. RAWGWAR: The Next Mutation)
Date: 1989
Time: 90m

  1. Americanized (live edited)
  2. Vlad The Impaler (live edited)
  3. As Pure As The Arctic Snow (live)
  4. World O' Filth (live)- Melvin Fleebish decapitation
  5. Sexecutioner (live)- Stubbles dismembered
  6. Cool Place To Park (video)
  7. Slutman City (live)- Goaty The Load & Pookie
  8. Dead Dog (live)- Redneck gut rip/decapitation & Bad Biker Bitch tittie chop
  9. Bone Meal (live)-
  10. Ollie North (live)
  11. Time For Death (live)
  12. King Queen (live) alt. lyrics
  13. Horror Of Yg (live) diff. music
  14. Captain Crunch (live)- pregnant bitch & Oderus' monster baby birth
  15. Death Pod (video)
  16. Techno Song (live)
  17. U Ain't Shit (live)
  18. Black & Huge (video) Hell-o version
Notes: This video features a mix of single-cam live material from a 1989 show, MTV News appearances, appearances from Dr. Gruesome's Movie Morgue, Richmond area Cable Access TV, and lots of other crazy shit. A few things worth noting: the Cool Place To Park and Death Pod videos are for demo versions of the songs, Arctic Snow is a slowed down grinding version, King Queen is radically different than the album version- with completely different lyrics and a different song structure, and Horror Of Yg has a different heavy riff as well.

Title: All The Sex
Date: 1992
Time: 45m

  1. Salaminizer
  2. Black & Huge
  3. Horror Of Yg
  4. Have You Seen Me?
  5. Sexecutioner
  6. The Morality Squad
  7. U Ain't Shit
  8. GWAR Theme
Title: Twice The Violence
Date: 1992
Time: 45m

  1. Crack In The Egg
  2. Love Surgery
  3. Poor Ol' Tom
  4. Jacques Cousteau
  5. Maggots
  6. Slaughterama
  7. Gor Gor
  8. Sick Of You
Notes: These two videos were released in 1992 and are taken from various shows along the Tour deScum. They were later edited together to make the Metal Blade Tour deScum video, but unfortunately several songs were deleted to edit the show down to 60m.

Title: TVD (Television Documentary)
Date: 1994
Time: 90m

Notes: This video is made up of several TV appearances from Europe and the U.S. Includes the Black & Huge video, the Joan Rivers show interview, GWAR crashing a panel at the '89 New Music Seminar, an appearance on a cable access sports call-in show, an appearance on a Morton Downey Jr. style rip off show called The Hot Seat, and many other appearances.

Title: The Return Of Techno Destructo
Date: 1996
Time: 90m

  1. Hunter Jackson intro
  2. Opening credits (Power Rangers theme)
  3. Techno vs. Tarantulina
  4. GWAR Must Be Destroyed film (1987)
  5. GWAR Theme (live 1988)
  6. Techno Song (live 1989)
  7. U Ain't Shit (live 1989)
  8. Cool Place To Park (live 1989)
  9. Years Without Light (live 1992)
  10. Gilded Lily (live 1992)
  11. Horror Of Yg (live 1992)
  12. Voodoo Summoning (live 1992)
  13. Captain Crunch (live 1992)
  14. Private Pain Of Techno Destructo (live 1992)
  15. Gor Gor (live 1992)
  16. Return Of Techno Destructo film (1991)
  17. Surf Of Syn (video)
1. Intro: Hunter Jackson introduces himself as Techno Destructo

2. Opening credits: clips from the video played over Power Rangers Theme

3. Techno vs. Tarantulina: linking the various clips of the video together are scenes of Techno fighting Tarantulina, a blonde female Scumdog (who is built like one of the American Gladiators) who has been sent to earth by the Master to execute Techno for failing to capture GWAR. As he fights her, he explains his story.

4. GWAR Must Be Destroyed film (1987): A very early film from GWAR with Joe Anaroma on vocals. Techno explains his mission to find his fellow Scumdogs, GWAR, and return them to the Master to fight in his war, but the decadent rock n roll lifestyle has corrupted them and they refuse to go, leading to the inevitable fight with Techno. Very early lineup of the band plays here, and Joe can be heard singing on previously unheard versions of Americanized, U Ain't Shit, and GWAR Theme. Dave is on bass, and Balsac (Stephen Douglas (?)) is there too. Russ Bahorsky and Sean Sumner are listed in the credits, so it is presumable that they are the other guitar player and drummer. Based on old comics, (* see below) their character names were Hans and Stephan Sphincter. The original GWAR Woman (Lisa Harrelson(?)) is also in the film. The costumes are very rudimentary, so it is hard to tell some of the characters apart. Also watch for the giant Antarctic Ant, the evisceration of the Pink Unicorn, and a manager type guy with a big mohawk (presumably an early version of Sleazy).

5. GWAR Theme (live 1988): another early live song. Dave is now on vocals, with the mask-less costume similar to Hell-o! No Beefcake yet, but from the clips it's hard to tell who is on bass. Also on stage is a crude early attempt at Gor Gor who just stands there and flops his mouth open. Cardinal Syn also makes a brief appearance, but looks more like one of the Disciples of Syn as seen in later shows. The old GWAR Woman is also seen in this clip.

6. Techno Song (live in LA 1989): you've probably seen a variation of this one before- Techno comes out and demand that GWAR join him and the Master in their holy gihad, etc... GWAR refuses and fights Techno, who grabs Oderus' head (now in full mask) and rips out and eats his brain.
7. U Ain't Shit (live in LA 1989): Just when our hero's are about to be defeated, Slymenstra comes out and save the day, beating the shit out of Techno with a big mace.
8. Cool Place To Park (live in LA 1989): As Beefcake gets his time in the spotlight, Slymenstra beats and humiliates Techno.

9. Years Without Light (AMBD "Slave Revolt" Tour 1992): GWAR unleashed the fury of the Crapapult on the crowd, flinging pile of ca-ca in your general direction. An enslaved Techno (sans power arm) betrays his new masters and tries to turn the Crapapult agains them.
10. Gilded Lily (AMBD "Slave Revolt" Tour 1992): To repay him for trying to escape, Slymenstra again beats and humiliates Techno, then showers him (and the crowd) with her menstrual flow. Nice close ups of her blood-spraying crotch.
11. Horror Of Yg (AMBD "Slave Revolt" Tour 1992): Slymenstra does her fire dance.
12. VooDoo Summoning (AMBD "Slave Revolt" Tour 1992): Slymie continues the fire dance as slaves dance around with African masks and shields. They haul out the body of Satan and beat him up.
13. Captain Crunch (AMBD "Slave Revolt" Tour 1992): Hiding atop the stage, Techno builds mind control helmets and puts them on the slaves. Then they bring him... the new and improved power arm!
14. Techno Song (AMBD "Slave Revolt" Tour 1992): New version of song includes new verses and other sections. Once again, Techno beats the shit out of Oderus and the Sexecutioner. When Slymenstra comes to save the day, she finds herself powerless against the powerful new arm. As a last ditch effort, Oderus attempts to summon...
15. Gor Gor (AMBD "Slave Revolt" Tour 1992): But as the gigantic tyrannosaurus appears we find out that Techno has got to him first turning him into the cybernetic Gor Borg. But Slymie takes the giant remote control from Techno and turns his creation against him, and GWAR emerge triumphant.

16. The Return Of Techno Destructo film (1991): Defeated by GWAR and wiped of his memory, Techno Destructo is stripped of his arm and working as a cab driver. But when three annoying groupie chicks ask him to drive them to a GWAR show, his memory is triggered. He drives them to a dump and after one of them runs him over with his cab and tries to kill him, he stragles her, and then discovers his power arm in the trunk. His memory now reawakened, he attempts to contact Cardinal Syn to join him to battle GWAR. But Syn sends his nuns to fight Techno, and then joins the battle himself, leaving a defeated Techno in a bloody heap. Background music includes Hell-o! versions of Rock N Roll Party Town and World O Filth, the Live From Antarctica version of Techno Song, and an easy-listening keyboard version of the Cardinal Syn Theme (see Rawgwar above).

17. Surf Of Syn video (1995): A worthy sequel to the Gor Gor video, which until now has been GWAR's finest moment on film. Cardinal Syn is coming to earth with his nuns and disciples, so GWAR, assisted by Techno, steals a NASA launching pad and flies into space to meet him head on. They fight his disciples who abandon ship on surf rockets and fly to earth. GWAR steal some rockets and fly back to earth to fight a giant Syn, who crushes the city amid stock footage from Godzilla movies. Techno crashes Syns crucifix ship into his chest, but his disembodied head escapes and flies away. This video packs a lot of action into a short clip, and is a mini-epic all to itself. Too bad those dipshits at MTV don't recognize true genius even when it beats them upside the head.

* note: the comics in reference are still available through Slave Pit in the collection listed as GWAR #0, for $5 + shipping. All of the comics seen in the Japanese Scumdogs booklet are also in the GWAR #0 comic.