SP02- RAWGwar


Asian People
Mexican Prick Fish
The SFW Sessions
The Needle
The SFW Sessions (part 2)
Cum All Ye Young Faggots
Poopie Britches


Asian people make great cars but lousy drivers
And if for a moment I may be incorrect for a moment
Let me say that I hate the Jews
That's okay, I hate Negroes, too
And I really hate the White motherfuckers
Kind of an equal opportunity hate

Humans suck, cock that is
Ah, what do you care, you're just a bunch of penguins

You gotta respect everybody
Even if you don't like them
You see they might have a weapon

Admit it, the evil empire didn't die with the fall of Communism
It grew stronger
And a child and a gun go together like apple pie and mom
It's our god given right to drive around with a gun in our car

A ass, the crack that you must pass
I stake a claim, I'll remain at the cleft that few shall pass
Beneath the stink of baking block
We're all becoming livestock
I keep a close watch on this pot of mine
I keep my pants pulled down all the time
I'm saving up to be a mime
Because your slum and I'm a mime
I'm a mime, I'm a mime, a mime, a mime
I'm a mime, I'm a mime, a mime, a mime

I can tell the enemy fears us by the way he fires
We conserve and scavage everything


Mexican prick fish
Mexican prick fish
Mexican prick fish
Mexican prick fish


[note: for most of this session, the band is goofing around and joke-arguing with Mexican accents. Apparently Oderus and BalSac were the only ones that were miked, and the other band members can faintly be heard in the background once in a while.]

BalSac: Ole`, Ole`
Oderus: You got to be hard, you got to be all hard
BalSac: Fuckin' A, esse`, Fuckin shit rollin', man? Fuckin' rollin' man?
Oderus: To make it in this world you got to be hard
BalSac: Shut the fuck up esse`
Oderus: The oldest (?)
?: Si, el moro
Oderus: Come on, punto. Do it fuckface.
[drum intro from SFW starts, then ends. Tape cuts, then resumes in the middle of SFW, but they screw it up]
?: Tapes still rolling
Oderus: Hey esse`, you fucked up real good
BalSac: Suck my prick fish, fucko
?: Tape's still rolling, asshole!
Oderus: Hey fucko, you can... Hey fucko...
BalSac: Suck my goddamn prick fish, you motherfucker
Oderus: Your punto ass is mine
BalSac: You spick
[tape cuts, resumes with drum intro for SFW starting]
BalSac: Alright, alright
Oderus: Back off the juice motherfucker, I think you had a little too much to drink
[intro continues until the bass starts to kick in, then they screw up]
Oderus: You fucking suck my prick, okay, fuck you.
?: You guys ready now?
Oderus: I been ready, what's your problem?.. Okay, I will.
[SFW drum intro starts again briefly, then stops. BalSac begins playing "Over The Hills And Far Away"] Oderus: Cut the shit esse`, the fucking Led Zeppelin stuff is beginning to make me mad, you know, I have to go for my gat and spray you. You know, speckle you with my fucking love, my gun, my love gun.
BalSac: Fucking moron, you don't know shit about fucking tuning, I'm fucking tuning
Oderus: My love gun is not something to be, you know, to be taken less seriously than maybe the gland of a huge elephant.
BalSac: You want it to fucking sound out of tune man, is that the what you want?
Oderus: You know, you think that maybe a huge cannon, maybe could take on my prick, you have to be thinking maybe a little wrong...
BalSac: Fuck it, alright fucko, fucko, hey fucko, shut your fucking hole you prick
Oderus: You know that my prick is making fucking (?) holes
BalSac: Yeah spick, call me a prick, you're a spick prick.
Oderus: Maybe I'll speckle you with my filthy potato up my Mexican prick fish dick okay
BalSac: Hey fuck you fucko
Oderus: So get on with it
BalSac: You wanna do this or what?
?: The tape, she's a rolling
Oderus: Do it you fuck, you fuck fuck
?: Where's our drummer?
BalSac: Wake up
Oderus: He's tired, he hurt his back
BalSac: Awww, baby
Oderus: He's been fucking too hard. Our fucking drummer's been fucking too much. He's fuck drunk. He's fuck drunk you fuck. Quit waiting. Get it right or I'm getting pissed. Yeah, hi bud, number one, take it away fucker.
BalSac: Shut up for a second and let him start the fucking song.
Oderus: I'm not saying shit.
?: What song we doing?
BalSac: So Fucking What
Oderus: It don't matter what song
BalSac: Get up
Oderus: Hey, the pizza's here
BalSac: Shut up
[tape cuts here, starts again with the band playing the end of an improvised version of a Mexican sounding oldies song ("Dream Lover", I think), with Oderus singing]
Oderus: ...kick his ass now, I'd like to kick his ass now, I'd like to kick his ass right now, I want to kick his fucking aaaaaasssss.
[song ends]
BalSac: ...fuck around man
Oderus: You had all day to tune.
BalSac: You don't understand man
Oderus: You had all day to tune
BalSac: You been tuning all fucking day
Oderus: You can tune all fucking day
BalSac: You're a fucking maniac man
Oderus: Dude, dude
BalSac: You don't know shit about music, dude, you don't know shit, man
Oderus: Dude, tape's rolling, fuck
BalSac: Shut up, you ready
Oderus: Do it
[tape cuts here, resumes with the band playing the end of Krak Down]
BalSac: Why are we wasting our tape with this crap? It's fucking crap man, what the fuck are we doing?
Oderus: Look, we had it and we lost it, okay, we had it and we lost it, you can't, no look, no fuck you...
BalSac: Why are we wasting our time with this, we've already got it on album
Oderus: You can't fucking make a cherry out of a turd, that's all there is to it.
BalSac: No, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up man
Oderus: You can't make a cherry out of a turd, we had it earlier, everything was nice, things were going good, you guys weren't fucking up, and you guys weren't making a bunch of fucking noise, I was funny and you guys weren't even there, you were in the room laughing, now you wanna get cute, you wanna get cute? You wanna come out here and...
[tape ends here]


Hey baby, won't you let me in
I got a six of beer and a bottle of gin
I could show you a good time, show you a good, good time

I don't think so, you're not my type
The only thing you'll be kissing is the ass I wipe
I wouldn't fuck you if you were me
I wouldn't fuck you heh heh

Who's askin' you bitch

Maybe I misjudged you, you're so nice
I think I'd like to fit you into my schedule tonight
Won't you come ???? too
I just might like it rough, you want to screw

You're the one
You're the one I dream of
You're the one
You're the one I dream of

So I got in bed and I undo my pants
I pull myself out of myself
I think of you
I think of you and I start to
Start to, start to, start to
Start to come

Come here baby, it feels so good
No one pleases me the way I please myself
No one pleases me the way I please myself
No one pleases me the way I please myself
No one pleases me the way I please myself

[much thanks to McMikey B, who had Mike Derks check over the version of the Needle lyrics I posted to alt.music.gwar and make some corrections. Unfortunately, even BalSac himself didn't remember what he sang in some of the lines]


BalSac: Hi there. Spider, we are rolling? Yes, yes we are, very good.
[Tape cuts, resumes with band playing end of King Queen]
Oderus: King Queen, whooooaaa, aaaaaahhhh
BalSac:That was fucking crap, what we got right here is a case of fucking crap.
[Opening drum beat and bassline of Krak Down starts]
BalSac: No don't play that, don't fuckin.. don't fucking..
[silence for a few seconds, then drums and bass start again and other instruments follow]
Oderus: That was shit man, we had the improv group going earlier, you know, you fucked it up because you tried to make something that you did not happen, why did you try to make that? why did you try why did you make that why did you try why did you... Your melted essence is my tool, and I appropriate your nugget jewel. Chemically wrap around aroma, in a bathtub in a coma. Getting drunk with...
[tape cuts abruptly]


Oh cum all ye fellers
So young and so fine
Seek not your fortune in the cold dreary mine
Queer boy?

Like a punk with his needle
A drunk with his wine
A man will have lust for the lure of the mine

Cause it's dark as a dungeon, damp as the dew
Danger is in double and pleasures are few
Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines
It's dark as a dungeon down in the mine

Oh cum all ye young faggots, hanging at the Y
Don't be so bashful and don't be so shy
I know you're wondering if I am a queer
Well get your pimply ass over here

Cause it's full of faggots down at the Y
Gotta work out or I think I will die
There's a queer over there and he's coming right here
It's full of faggots and I'm not a queer


...don't give a fuck
I could do nothing

I pooped my little britchies when I came to town
I put my panties down and then stood around
I poop my little britchies all over town
I poopie poopie poopie poopie poopie poopie poopie
Pull them down, pull them down
Pull them dirty dirty down
Pull the dirty britches down

I got town by the balls
I'm crawling up the walls
Everyone is looking out of the urine stalls
I've got nothing on my mind
Except of having a good time
And you're part of the fun
I'v got a gun
Now on your knees you little fuck
Give me a suck

A blow you know Behind the bathroom Joe, joe
C'mon blow! Blow! C'mon blow!

Captain Ahab, you think we've got a chance against Moby Dick?

I like that, that's good, that's good stuff

Captain Ahab, you think we've got a chance against... [cuts off]

RAWG is:

Vinnie Bologleoni- Vocals
Joey Scrappinetti- Guitars
Tony Rigga- Guitars
Moe Lester- Bass
G Credit- Drums

Produced by Scott Wolfe, except "The Needle" produced by D. Vocals on "The Needle" by BalSac

BalSac's Liner Notes:

Asian People: Completely drunken ramblings. The band made shit up while Dave read from his sketch book. If you listen carefully, you can hear a few lines that evolved into songs on Ragnarok.

Mexican Prick Fish: Off color stupidity. 'nuff said.

The SFW Sessions: "I think maybe you had a littel too much to drink, huh?" We went into the studio to record a song for the soundtrack to SFW. It was supposed to be a demo, and if the movie company liked it, they were supposed to give us a budget to record the song for real. They ended up using the demo, and it was nominated for a Grammy (go figure). After the song was done, we let the tape roll (and the booze flow), and came up with all the crap on the tape (except The Needle). I included all the fighting to give you an inside look into how GWAR behaves in the studio. It is a miricle we get anything recorded.

The Needle: A jam session in our practice space, that I put lyrics (if you can call them that) to. A rare chace to hear BalSac sing (if I can call it that).

Cum All Ye Young Faggots: A stirring rendition of a Johnny Cash song.

Asian People: I reserve the right not to testify, so as not to incriminate myself.

RAWG is the world's premier GWAR tribute band. Some people claim that RAWG is GWAR out of costume. This is a lie. (closer to the truth is that GWAR is RAWG in costume.)

BalSac, the Jaws o' Death