SP06- GWAR Lite


The Road Behind (a. chorus)
The Road Behind (b. lead)
Sick Of You
Beef & Flopsy's Love Theme
Ein Klien Fart Musik
GWAR Theme (cartoon)

[note: all songs are insturmentals]

BalSac's Liner Notes:

GWAR Muzak,
It had to happen. Don't be surprised when you're in the elevator at the mall, and you have the sudden urge to start masturbating into your mom's Victoria's Secret bag.

The Road Behind: from the fanous elevator scene in Skulhedface

Sick Of You: or am I?

Beef and Flopsy's Love Theme: With this playing in the background, can you blame Beef for falling in love with the cunt faced boy?

Ein Klien Fart Musik: (by Wolfgang A. Mozart, arranged for bodily functions by BalSac) Amadeus is laughing in his grave

GWAR Theme: Glomco does GWAR

These songs were arranged by me (except Beef & Flopsy, by Wolfgang A.M.)

BalSac, the Jaws o' Death