Slave Pit Singles

Slave Pit Singles

SP01The Art Of War
SP04Wolfgang a.m.
SP05M.C. Rhythmless
SP07A Soundtrack To Kill Yourself To

What are the Slave Pit Singles? Well, if you have signed up with GWAR's online cyber-fanclub, you should have received the message below. If you haven't signed up yet, then e-mail GWAR with "I want to be a cyber-slave" in the subject.

I would highly recommend the first three singles, as there are lots of great songs on there, but all seven singles are great.

Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997
From: GWAR (
Subject: $lave Pit Singles


/**/ |*|*| \*|**/ /*/*/ \*\*\ ___ \**\
/**/ /|__|*|*| |*|*/ /*/*/ _ \*\*\ \_\ |**\
/**/ /*****>-|*| |/\/ /*/*/ /*\ \*\*\ <--<
/__/ /**/___ |*|*| /*/*/ _ \*\*\ _ \**\
\**\ \******| |*|*| /*/*/ |*| \*\*\ \\ \**\

GWAR NEWSLETTER (the Merch. Edition March 5th)

O.K. I've been doing this fan club thing for 3 months now, spending my valuable time to keep all of you informed and entertained. And what have I got in return? An outpouring of love and adoration, your total devotion and slavery, the status of an evil overlord of cyberspace, and of course, your souls. But all of this is worthless. Sleazy has informed me that I couldn't even buy a Chicklet with what you've given me. So the time has come for me to try to talk you out of your hard earned burger-flippin' bucks, so that you can all help support my drug habit. The idea for what I could sell to you poor, misled acolytes came from you. I have received many requests for the rare tib-bits of Slave Pit music that can't be found on any of the GWAR albums, so I decided to start putting out SLAVE PIT SINGLES: a collection of extremely rare music, produced by us freaks here at GWAR central. This is the stuff that never made it onto any GWAR records, not because it wasn't good enough, but because it was too weird. These are all cassette singles that are available nowhere else, and they are only being offered to Fan Club members.

So here they are the first releases of SLAVE PIT SINGLES:

SP01- GWAR "The Art of War"

[Drop Drawers/Vinnie(the ballad of Vincent Bologleonie)/ The Private Pain of Techno Destructo]
These 2 gems are out takes from Carnival of Chaos (actually they date back to This Toilet Earth) "Drop Drawers" is the epic tune that didnít make it on the new album because we failed to get permission from Billy Thorpe to mutilate his song "Children of the Sun" It has the same great production value as or new album, as it was culled from the same recording session. "Vinnie" is the story of RAWG's lead singer with the undeniably catchy chorus of "suckin' dick is the only way" recorded in our practice space in Antarctica (warning: this is a really bad recording, but it was the only version of the song I could find, and I feel that the song overcomes the quality of the recording). Also the unedited version of the Techno Song, with the Star Trek middle section that Paramount didn't want you to hear.
(bonus: "Donís Bong is Gone" from the SFW sessions)

SP02- RAWGWAR Vol. 1

[Asian People/the Needle Song/the S.F.W. sessions]
"Asian People" is a drunken improvisation from the Live to 2-track session that produced S.F.W. Brilliant Oderus ramblings while the band jams behind him. "The Needle Song" is an improv that was captured on tape in our practice space. Features myself, BalSac the Jaws of Death, in my first vocal performance for GWAR. Plus, a shit load of me and Oderus arguing.

SP03- Kosonom (with umlauts over the "O's")

[Word/Flying Houses/Flux] Kosonom is a math rock band featuring Jizmak on drums, myself on bass, and two members of the now defunct band Ďthe Kenmoresí. This tape is filled with confusing riffs and back-mixed vocals. I dare you to try to tap your foot to this one.

SP04- Wolfgang A.M. "A New World of Sound"

[B-Day boy/Every Little Thing She Do/Synchagon]
An over-produced studio project I did with our old soundman and the director of SkullHedFace. Features covers of songs by WEEN, the Police, and the Cars. I think it's pretty fuckin' funny, but make up your own mind.

SP05- MC Rhythmless

[White Boy Can't Dance/Stuck Us With a Sucka]
Extremely bad "white boy" rap. Based on a comic by Slave Pit's own Matt Maguire, about a robot built by a record company to be a controllable rap star. Unfortunately, it breaks down.

SP06- GWAR lite

[the Road Behind/Sick of You/GWAR Theme]
In outer space, GWAR's music is considered elevator music. Now it can fall into the same glorious category right here on Earth! Muzac versions of your favorite GWAR songs. Includes the theme to the "GWAR babies" cartoon.

SP07- A Soundtrack to Kill Yourself To

[Flesh Column song/Red Neck Ass Kickin' Song/etc.]
All of the most requested background music from the GWAR films Phallus in Wonderland and SkullHedFace.

These tapes are $6 each (I know that sounds like a lot, but I'm dubbing each tape myself, and I've got better things to do. Plus, I need the beer money), or get the whole collection for $35!

Send money orders [no checks] to:

Postage and Handling is:$1 U.S./$2 Canada/$4 outside North America, for 1 or 2 tapes, $2 U.S./$3 Canada/$7 outside North America, for 3 or more tapes.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery (more if you don't get your order in before we go on tour).

Also, if any of you missed the Springer show, I'll send you a copy for $10 (includes the Talk Soup commentary).
Remember, these tapes are available only to the fan club, 'cause I love you guys.

[rest of article snipped]