Anyone who knows me from any of the forums I frequent may remember some of the wacky photoshops I've put together. Often they're in response to another post or e-mail, so taken out of context they might not seem as funny. Anyway, I've decided to put them together here and try to give a little background on each of them.

For this one, someone was referring to the Warriors X-Box game, so I slapped this together

(click for full size)
For this, someone has posted a picture of the monster from Night Of The Demon, and noted how it looked like it could have been Oderus's dad. That inspired a quick Google image search for "family portrait" which turned into this.

Then of course there are my signature banners. They're not too hard to make, just take any decent quality picture, then stretch and/or use clone stamp behind the logo, because no one is going to be paying much attention to what's behind it anyway.

(click each for full size)
These are some X-Box 360 wallpapers that I put together. Save them to a flash drive, then go to the media viewer on the x-box, browse for the file, and then click X to set as wallpaper.

Here's another quick 'shop, this time of Bohab Central webmaster Hellspawn covered in blue spew after a GWAR gig. Someone commented that he looked like a California Raisin, so I couldn't resist!

Here's a couple of banners I used at the forums. The lyric "I'll love you if you fuck me and I'll fuck you if you cry" is a line from the pre-Reznor demo of "Snake Eyes & Sissies," which at the time I made this, I was one of only a handful of people knew about it. I put it on the banner to hopefully flush out anyone other collectors that might have had a copy, but no one took the bait.

Someone at bc posted a link to the myspace page of an annoying chick that had been living at his place. Seeing her mouth open like that makes her look like she's craving something else.

Over at bc, a user posted a picture of a praying skeleton along with the logo of vereran black metal band Cirith Ungol. Seeing the skeleton on its knees inspired this.

At the echoing the sound Nine Inch Nails forums, a user named trentisinmypants was bragging about how he snatched up a handful of limited edition NIN vinyl singles. Some other members were pissed because they didn't get copies, and inspired this photoshop.