Articles & Interviews

Articles & Interviews

Blackie Builds W.A.S.P.s L.A. Metal Nest
From Circus March 31, 1985
by Ben Liemer

Stage Pass
From Circus, April 30, 1985
By: Dan Hedges

A Probe Behind W.A.S.P.s Poisonous Sting
From Circus May 31, 1985
by Moira McCorick

Going W.I.L.D with W.A.S.P.
From Circus, 1985/6?
by Jim Green

Another article from Circus
From Circus, 1985/6?
by (author unknown)

W.A.S.P.- What's Their KISS Connection?
From Metal Muscle Tribute To KISS, 1986
By Elianne Halbersberg

Reign Of Terror
From Heavy Metal Heroes, January 1986
By: (No Author Credited)

WASP's Blackie Lawless... Just Another White Anglo Saxon Boy With A Bullseye On His Forehead
From Metal Mania February 1986
By: Beth Nussbaum

The Lawless Brigade Continue World Invasion
From Heavy Metal Heroes June 1986
By: (no author credited)

The Most Disgusting Band Around
From Heavy Metal Hot Shots July 1986
By: (no author credited)

Blood Sweat And Tears
from Hit Parader August 1986
by Russel Hogan

A Touch Of Madness
From Heavy Metal Hotshots December 1986
By: (No Author Credited)

Shoot From The Hip
from Hit Parader April 1987
by Rick Evans

Blood Will Flow
From Hit Parader March 1988
by Blackie Lawless

From Rock Power Magazine November 4 - 17, 1992
By: Chris Marlow
Courtesy of Matt Bowen

Real Idol Chatter
From RIP Magazine November 1993
By: Blackie Lawless

Reprobate's Corner
From Hot Metal Magazine (Australia) December 1993
By: Val Potter
Courtesy of Matt Bowen

First Blood... Last Cuts Review
From Hype! Music

Still Not Black Enough Review
From The Koffin e-zine #13, Feb 22, 1997

MTV Europe Headbanger's Ball Feb 13, 1997
Transcribed by Tommy Takku
Interviewed By: Vanessa Warwick

Kerrang Review of Nottingham 2/7/97 Show
From Kerrang!, Feb 19, 1997 issue

If you have any articles (especially Crimson Idol and recent interviews from Kerrang, Metal Hammer, and other Euro-metal mags) please e-mail me. If you're ultra cool you can send me them in a text file, otherwise a good quality xerox copy in the post would be fine, then I can OCR it.

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