Scaring The Liederhosen Off Of You!

W.A.S.P. - Markthalle - Hamburg February 2, 1997

Review and Photos By Nils Kraft

My name is Nils and I'm 26 years old. I'm a WASP - Fan since 1984 and saw WASP in 1986, 1992 and yesterday... !!!!!!!! We (my girlfriend, a friend and myself)arrived at the Markthalle in Hamburg at 18:00, the ticked (19.-DM) said that the show starts at 21:00. After one hour of waiting, they put on a paper that said "No Special Guest !!! Show starts at 21:30 !!!". At 20:00 the doors opend and we where in (after 2 hours of waiting with -1ícelsius !!!). There was a man who sold t-shirts (front side "KILL,FUCK,DIE" and backside "W.A.S.P., 1997, Are You Ready" for 30.-DM).

We were standing in the first row !!! At 21:35 there it was "... this is the end,...", WASP came onstage and they started with a MEDLEY (ON YOUR KNEES, HELLION, CHAINSAW CHARLY, I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR). Blackie looked very dark, but he didn't wear the sawblades ! Chris had a little problem with his head, he always grabbed on it and went in the back of the stage, but more later !!! The rest of the group was in very good shape and kicked ass !!! During the MEDLEY I put up my hand and YES Mike Doda touched my hand !

The second song was WILD CHILD, the sound was getting better and YES,YES,YES I touched Blackie's thigh !!! I was lucky enough to bring my photocamera in the house and I made neary 60 photos of the show. On both sides of the stage were televisions and the WILD CHILD video was shown during the song.

The next song was ANIMAL and Blackie started the song with the words "When you fuck like a beast, you must be an ANIMAL!!!". On the TV's there was a hardcore porno on the screen ! Do I have to say that the song was a killer ??? After 13 years it still is one of the best.

BLIND IN TEXAS started and then something strange happened. During the song, Chris went to the microphone and shouted "Hey dude,..." then he turned around and lost his bearing (orientation). He turned back and looked into the crowd neary 30 seconds and then he went to the drums to take some water. Blackie went to the microphone and started to breath like a train that started. Meanwhile Chris was in very bad condition, he had both hands on the drumset and his eyes went red. I don't think that this was part of the show because Blackie looked very serious at Chris. Blackie did the "train-breathing" for nearly two minutes and then they finished the song. Man, I tough my heard stand still for this time !!!

Then it was time for I WANNA BE SOMEBODY and they did it like on LIVE IN THE RAW. Chris stand right before me and I made signs that he should give me his plektrum. Chris recognised me and showed the plek to me and asked if I want it, I said "YES,YES!!!" and played games with me !!! He acted like he was throwing it up into the air, and I looked for it, but Chris was laughing and then he gave it to me !!!

After some "To my left and to my right,..." screamings they played the new song KILL YOUR FACE. And now fasten your seatbelts because the following sceenes were very mad !!! The song started with a spoken/sung intro, very dark, and the roadies pushed a big cross made out of wood onstage. At the top was written "Welcome To Hell" and on the cross was a nun sitting with her legs wide open, the head and the hands were shaking. Blackie took a knife and put it on the thing he was wearing between his legs. On the microphonestand was a rotateing stone were Blackie put the knife on and sparks were all over. Then he went to the nun and raped her with the knife between his legs !!! After he did this for nearly 30 seconds. Blackie grabbed between her legs and pushed his arm into her until his elbow. Then he pulled out a little baby and put it on the knife between his legs... After singing some words of the KILL YOUR FACE song there was a box onstage with the words "LIVE WORMS" on it. Blackie took a shovel, opend the box and pulled out some earthworms and threw them into the crowd, then he shoveled the earth out of the box into the crowd. Blackie grabbed one pillow and shaked it, so the whole stage was filled with feathers (I grabbed a hand full and put it in my jacked). And then the show was over !!! Yes, after only seven songs the just dissapeared !!! I looked at the songlist that was onstage and there where two more songs on it (THE REAL ME and HORROR) but the roadies began to put the guitars back in the boxes and the lights went on.

I hope you can read this because my last english lesson was a decade ago.
If you are interested in some pictures of that show, please email me ""

So until then ... Nils from germany :-)