Screaming Until You Like It

Rare Traxxx

Now that we've taken the W.A.S.P. Nest to the Next Level, I'll now be able to add some new things that disk limitations on my old server would never allow. First and foremost, here are some sound files of rare W.A.S.P. songs for your listening enjoyment.


Kill Your Pretty Face (5.5 MB) live at the Rainbow in Milan, Italy May 3, 1997. Taken from the video, here is the complete song live as hell in the raw.

The Horror (9.5 MB) live at the Rainbow in Milan, Italy May 3, 1997. Also taken from the video, here is another excellent sounding live clip.

Real Audio

Mr. Cool from either the Killer Kane band single, or the Sister demo. Judging from the way the song has that kind of sound like old Alice Cooper or other mid seventies bands, my guess is that this is the Killer Kane version. Thanks to JBludstone who sent me a tape of the song, and Bill Mitler who gave me some background info on it. By the way, if the song sounds familiar to you, it is because it is an early version of Cries In The Night (which Blackie has said that he wrote while he was in the New York Dolls) with a different chorus ("My name is Cool, I'm Mr. Cool!"). Also please note that the song is sped up just a little bit. I tried slowing it down to 95% of it's normal speed and it played fine, but unfortunately the software I was using would not let me save it that way.

Douche Bag Blues from the European Live Animal single. If you thought Animal was offensive, take a listen to this!

Lake Of Fools from the Real Me single. Although this song wouldn't have quite fit in on the Headless Children album, it's an excellent song nonetheless and it's a shame it's been condemned to b-side hell where only a handful of people will hear it. If you haven't heard it before, now's your chance.

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