The Spooky Kids' originally did not have a drummer, they simply used a Yamaha RX-8 drum machine in the studio and for live performances. However, as the band's popularity and sound continued to grow, it soon became obvious that they would need a real member to fill the position. July 19th, 1991 marked the live debut of Sara Lee Lucas (aka Fred Streithorst, or "Freddy The Wheel") with the band. Lucas took his stage name from Sara Lee, of the baked goods company, and Henry Lee Lucas, who claimed to have killed over 600 people and became the subject of the film "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer."

Streithorst had originally learned to play the drums as part of rehabilitation from a football injury that left him with a limp. He had formerly played in a band named Kinetic Ritual with Scott, which is how he got his job in the Spooky Kids.

Lucas rounded out the band's live sound during the Spooky Kids days and performed on Portrait of an American Family, although it has often been said that the band was not satisfied with his drumming skills. During the subsequent tour, relations between Lucas and Manson began to deteriorate, with Manson frequently trashing the drum kit at the end of the show. By the time of a performance where Manson sprayed flaming lighter fluid on the drum set and nearly lit Lucas on fire, Sara Lee knew the writing was on the wall. He took a plane back to Florida the next day without ever saying goodbye, but by that point the band had already been auditioning replacements and had settled on Ginger Fish.

Not much has been heard from Mr. Streithorst since he left the band. It is believed that he has quit the music business and returned to a "normal" life.