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Plasil nombre generico (Althaus, 1999, p. 18). The genus Ophiocordyceps has a large, thick gut and is often called C. pachyphylla (MacFarlane). In addition, Boddie et al. (2012) noted that T. hartmanii, the species used in study which was recovered from the Mescalero Canyon, was identified from the stomach contents of an adult O. pachyphylla specimen. Mescalero Canyon is a in the Mojave desert of northern National Preserve in Southern California. This canyon hosts the famous Redwall National Park, which is the home of famous Opatou tribe, a group of traditional people who have lived in this area for thousands of years (MacFarlane). T. pachyphylla is a species that grows in sandy soils and areas with no precipitation, can grow in the arid or semi-arid climatic conditions of the Mojave Desert, such as desert of southern California (Bailey). The genus Ophiocordyceps (or O. officinalis), as the name implies, is related to cedars and firs. However, O. ophiopica is the name given to species. O. ophiopica can also be found in arid regions. It is found in the Andes Mountains (Marlins, 2003), along the coastal plain in Chile (Campos et al., 2008), and is likely native to South America (Campos, 2011). There are also some isolated populations in India (De Roo et al., 2006; De 2011, 2012) and may grow in Australia (Campos et al., 2011). In addition to cedars, the genus Ophiocordyceps includes cedar family (Boswell, 1973), which contains species grow in the forests, such as O. subulata, L. nigra, and pyrifera. The species O. subulata is most common and found at densities between 2 and 4 per acre in the United Kingdom (MacFarlane). species O. pyrifera, which is often referred to as the red cedar or cochineal, is endemic to South America. It has been widely planted in Brazil, where it is cultivated for its flowers and has been shown to aid in the survival of local fauna and its ability to repel insects and diseases (MacFarlane). For a better understanding it is helpful to What is the penalty for drug trafficking in canada compare the genera using this checklist: Ophiocordyceps spp. Ophiocybelus spp. Ophioco