In the beginning...

Before there was GWAR, there was Death Piggy. Somewhere in the mid-eighties, Virginia Commonwealth University art student Dave Brockie started a band that combined bizarre stage theatrics, punk rock, and a sick goofy sense of humor. Brockie sang lead vocals and played bass, and was joined by Russ Bahorsky on guitar and Sean Sumner on drums.

Death Piggy released three singles in the Virgina area: Love War, Death Rules The Fairway, and R 45. These have become highly sought after by the hardest of the hardcore GWAR fanatics, although they are virtually impossible to find now. But GWAR/Piggy fans may be in luck, as Dave has said that he was working on compiling the three singles as well as some unreleased material onto a CD that was to be available in Fall of '96 through Slave Pit, the production company of artists and musicians that have spawned both GWAR and X-Cops. As of now, the Death Piggy compilation is on hold while Dave concentrates on the new GWAR album and tour that will be unleashed upon the world this Spring.

Anyway, back to the Death Piggy story. Eventually the band moved into a rehearsal space that was shared by other Richmond area artists and musicians. They met up with Hunter "Techno Destructo" Jackson and Chuck "Sexecutioner" Varga, who were planning a film to be called Scumdogs of the Universe. Soon, Death Piggy began borrowing the Scumdogs costumes to use during their shows, and like some monstrous abortion thrust upon mankind, GWAR was born.

Unfortunately, I have some sad news to add as well. Death Piggy's drummer Sean Sumner passed away last fall. My condolences go out to Sean's family, Dave, his other former bandmates, and everyone else who knew him.

Special thanks to Dave Brockie for taking time to answer my interview questionairre, for the Soundzine article and Mister Donut pictures, for the pictures from Death Rules The Fairway, and Steve Slack for the Love War pictures.

Russ Bahorsky speaks!

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