December 22, 1996

Compiled by Christian Hunter McClain, with much assistance from fellow W.A.S.P. fans (see below)

Here's my attempt to compile a W.A.S.P. discography.
If I missed anything or screwed anything up, e-mail me!

E = European release
J = Japanese release
U = USA release
# = song not available on 7"




Soundtracks & Compilations:

Bootleg LP's:

Haven't had enough? Then move on to the bootleg tapes page...

Note: as far as I know, at this time all of the singles are out of print. However, dilligent collectors can still find used copies in places that specialize in collectible records. For a list of some places to check, click here.

Thanks to these W.A.S.P. fans for their invaluable assistance with this discography:
Bill Mittler from S.A.V.A.G.E. who probably has the ultimate W.A.S.P. collection, and for the new jpegs
kevin sherwin
Rich for the bootleg info
Terrible Ted for supplying me with several of the boot videos
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